New Horizons Center

New Horizons Presents:
The Les Galst Community Garden

Les Galst founded New Horizons Center in 1973 with the aim to serve individuals with disabilities. The nonprofit has since provided transportation, day time activities, licensed residential settings, habilitation and joy to those we support. Les Galst passed away in 2015. In 2016, New Horizons Center had unused plots of land and decided to grow a public community garden. The garden was named in remembrance of Les Galst. The garden is Lake Havasu City’s first public community garden.

When planning the layout of the garden, a community member, Garrett Hanson had thought to place the beds in a circular pattern to imitate a sundial. 

Together, New Horizons Center employees, the Mohave County Master Gardeners and community members spent six consecutive weeks assembling the above ground planters. Once the beds were assembled, they were filled by donated recycled soil. Each planter box takes around 200 bags of nutrient dense potting soil. Each bed contains its own watering system of soaker hoses.

The garden provides an opportunity to create a sense of community by making new friends, educating others, proving a resource for fresh food and a peaceful place to gather together.

The Les Galst Community Garden is a growing success. With the help of community members and volunteers, the garden will continue to flourish.

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