New Horizons Center

Employment Support

Group Supported Employment (GSE) assists in finding work for special needs adults, and provides members with an on-site supervised work environment in a community employment setting.

GSE allows our members to improve their employment skills with the assistance of a job coach while in a safe but more independent environment. While working GSE members make at least minimum wage.

  • Ability promotes community integration with other members of the workforce. We have partnered with various local businesses that currently employ our members.
  • Group Supported Employment is provided in an integrated community work setting
  • To promote community integration with other members of the workforce and provide paid work
  • Provides members the opportunity to work in an environment that allows for maximum interaction among diverse populations
  • Helps members maintain positive work habits, attitudes, skills, and work etiquette directly related to their specific employment
  • Provides each member with ongoing training and onsite supervision

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